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Looking for tips on buying a dining room rug? Luxe Designers, Michelle Harrison and Robin Splawn,  have all the answers when it comes to choosing the right rug size. Check out their tips below and browse through select images that may inspire your rug design…


How do I know what size rug I need in my dining room? “Ideally when the chairs are all being sat in – each chair should have all 4 legs on the rug. This can be tricky because tables come in all shapes and sizes and rugs usually come in standard sizes. At Luxe, we have rugs that can be ordered to size!” – Robin Splawn, Luxe Designer

How do I decide the size of rug I need if I have oversized dining room chairs? If you have oversized dining chairs or a banquette which are both popular style choices at a dining table today, it would be a better choice to add the depth of your seating to the table dimensions. That way you can be sure that it can scoot comfortably in and out of the table! – Michelle Harrison, Luxe Senior Designer

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